June 17, 2012

flip flop

change; being an active person requires more carbs than i thought. good-bye to my year with no sugar, you did much needed gut healing so i thank you. i could not live without sweet potatoes and berries anyways.
i am considering reintroducing fermented grains; i always felt good on my homemade buckwheat sourdough bread. Fermentation of grains is a traditional practice, used since grains were first consumed. It just may be the best way to eliminate phytates (anti- nutrient photo chems) which are also present in many nut, especially almonds, which is why it is a good idea to soak nuts in water before enjoying them, plus it makes them even sweeter.


June 14, 2012


I don't like it when ideas become labels, leaving the idea in a corner to be forgotten.

March 6, 2012

cortisol and yoga

jimmy moore just testified to yoga lowering his cortisol levels (atleast they seem correlated.) In this interview with melissa joulwan. Melissa also chimes in with "happy people are mediators.) hummm :)

March 2, 2012

FYI fasting blood glucose

my morning blood sugar read recently went from a stable 75 to 99 over the last few days. i actually hadnt been checking it for a few weeks so i dont know when it started. anyways tho, i got worried, but then i found this article....

February 18, 2012


my cat lux would not like it if i fed her a vegan diet, as well she should be.  that would be crazy. she would be mad....no, she quite likes bacon and liver.

February 2, 2012

check # 5 and #20

thanks alyssa!


February 1, 2012

tryptophan for serotonin

a deficiency in tryptophan can be off-setting. Tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids the body requires in order to make proteins. It has two major functions: one being it becomes niacin (vitB6) in the liver. This is very helpful when dietary intake of niacin is low.  More crucial, tryptophan is a precursor for serotonin, the little neurotransmitter we are always hearing about associated with insomnia and depression. That is, if you are lacking serotonin you may experience poor moods and unrestful sleep, migraines and anxiety. I find serotonin very intriguing, the fact 80% is actually in our gut regulating movement of the intestine. I can totally see a link between depression and "IBS;" i may even write my thesis on the interconnections of serotonin in the body.
apart from that little digression, there is a list of symptoms associated with inadequate tryptophan. But what i am really trying to get at here is that low level of tryptophan may lead to low levels of serotonin which may lead to some form of depression. Depression can be difficult to treat immediately with herbal medicine, so in certain cases using a low amount of an allopathic anti-depression may be needed as a crutch. The important goal once the depression is manageable and thoughts are clear, is to address ion the root cause. In some cases this may be tryptophan defiance, but it may be Vit B6 deficiency which it also needed in the conversion to serotonin. It may be something widely difference like lack of movement or joy. Depression can be complicated to treat, which is why i always suggest finding someone who is experienced in the treatment to help. It sometimes bugs me that in the western world we have one word for depression, one type of depression that is treated the same, trail and error, until something works. Its like the word love, there are many different ways of feeling depression and of falling into it. All and all it wouldn't hurt for everyone to get a bit more tryptophan in their diet:


January 27, 2012

Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore!

So, if you guys don't know who Jimmy Moore is, well, you will no longer have that problem (because here is a link.) So Jimmy is like the Jesus of the low carb world, spreading his message at any cost. He is a true yogi; he speaks the truth and is out there for the betterment of all people. Just listen to him and you will know what having a passion sounds like. With three podcast out around low carb lifestyles, he's pretty un-stoppable.

So last year my friend caught me listening to a show called, Livin la vida low carb...one of Jimmy tri-weekly podcast. She called me a health dork and i told her...yaa well...i really love this show and one day i'm gonna be on it. I was kinda joking. Then a few months rolled by, and new years 2012 came, and my day was kinda odd.  i went to a yin yoga night class, and like always Michael Johnson made life seem great. Before crashing into bed i decided to check my e-mails, and lala! Jimmy Moore....emailed me, asking if i wanted to be on his podcast Low Carb Conversations. WHATT...is this a joke....MEEE...eeeek. Ya i jumped around a lot.

So here is the link. Ignore my constant"you knows" ugghhh. next time ill come off more intelligent...promise...


it's hard to get in everything you want to say on these shows....so take it for what you will....

OHH and here are some cookies to make up for my squeeky voice...

experimenting with new nut flours....

January 26, 2012

Salmon overload

So last week there was a huge sale on nice, alaskan, sustainably caught salmon at le grocery store. I got 40 dollars worth for 20...holllla. but, then i had a shit ton of salmon.... everywhere, and i didn't want it to go bad. I could have laid it on a wax papered plate, sprinkled it with water, froze it, and re-sprinkled it, and froze it more....that method keeps fish good for a long time in the freezer. unfortunately, my freezer is already full, and my roomies would kill me if i shoved more in there next to the liver and bird feet.

this gave me the chance to do something i've been thinking of for months....preserving fish! I choose three methods...pickling, salting, and dehydrating....here are my delicious results!

Jerkified! I marinated the fish in two different sauces, a Malaysian curry (8 hr soak, no rinse) and a smoked salt and stevia sweetness (2 hour soak, rinsed to remove some salt). dehydrated at 150 for around 6 hrs, but i watched it, and pulled some sooner than others.
TIP: freeze the salmon first, which makes it easier to cut into 1/2 inch strips.
This method will keep the salmon good the longest.
Also, i love my cat so much that i cut the skin up into yummy kitty treats, which she is going crazy over.

outcome: my 2nd favorite way to preserve salmon (and only because i don't really like dehydrating food) but it is sooooo yummy. the texture is great! i'll do this again.

Pickled Salmon (aka fermented!) MY FAV!!!! THIS method won!
Some recipes call for curing the salmon first in salt, however i felt like my last method already did that, so i went straight for the brine solution. I don't have a recipe for you, i read a few then combined them in my head and came out with a solution of 2ishTbl salt, 1ish squeezed lemon, and some spices...toasted peppercorn, fennel, caraway...

i cut the fish into bite size pieces, let them sit out 36 hrs on the counter (60F) and then moved them to the fridge, i think it'll only last a week because it's so great.

Tip:  layer the fish with whole lemon slices! preserved lemon and salmon, how can you go wrong?

Last method; Salt Curing. No me gusta!!! way too salty! honestly, i ended up rinsing it all, re-marinated it in coconut vinegar and spices, and then tossing it into a jar with brine.

here's a link to the Lost Arts Kitchen website where i used the recipe...kinda.
I mean, it was ok....if you like salty fish. I used celery instead of fennel because it's what i had.

THE BEST PART!!! the salmon is still raw. The acid in the lemon juice preserves ceviches it some, but the delicate omega oils are not all ruined! plus it feels great in my body...try it out

January 22, 2012

Dear Andrew Plotsky...

thank you for your action and film.

Andrew was recently interviewed in this article about his vegan to butcher life choice. So great and motivating! I have definintly noticed that the hip-vegan is now turning to the hip-localvore. I think i am one of these....except the hip part maybe. Anyways, from one fellow ex-vegan to another, i amdire you Andrew...and not just because you are very cute. It takes courage to leave a fun town like brooklyn, where are are a hip barista, to go back to nature. I've always heard of Vason Island (where he lives and butchers) and would love to see it someday. Maybe we can meet...

January 21, 2012

Cheap Meals, Honest Actions.

Ok, i was MIA for a bit, but i was celebrating my 6 month sugar-freedomness with a friend from out of town. She taught me how to relax (thanks Alyssa!) I'm really looking forward to finding a good balance in the next half, so when i have reached my mark of one year, i wont be crazed for sugar.

ok, so in really news....(kinda)
I have a lot of friend that have been posting facebook messages about how shitty politics are. Yes, we know this. How stupid and fake campaigns are. They waste money, like the government does in general. Our country is in recession, but politicians spend oodles on commercials. Of course i think it's a waste also, but where is the mirror in this lesson? As American's we are complaining about the recession and how government spending is fucked, and i agree, but look at it from another point of view. This humanity thing isn't just country to country, it's worldwide. So what do you think the people facing real famine in Africa think of us? I don't have a lot of money, but i never starve, sometimes i even have food going bad in my fridge. Sometimes i unnecessarily bake cookies (ok, that's all the time.) i would like to start saving money so i can send it to places making real change in the world.

sometimes i wish i was born to a tribe in the jungle. I wouldn't have time to think about the woes of life, i would just be living, making one move to the next, trying to provide for my family in a real hard knock kinda way. But that's life, everywhere and everyone has problems, it's just about facing them, controlling them, and trying to be happy and free to enjoy what little glipse at this crazy world we get.

So the cheap meal thing....

winter...is an easy time to be frugal once you embrace long simmered stews.
additionally, cooking meat in liquid reduces the AGES (advanced glycation end productions) in the meal. Don't know what i'm talking about...check this interview: http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/5670/532-dr-jaime-uribarri-warns-of-disease-making-advanced-glycation-end-products-ages/
or this great article (i love how it talks about AGES being created easier with fructose!) http://www.realfooduniversity.com/what-are-advanced-glycation-end-products/

So AGES can be super scary, but so is life, so dont get too caught up it, just do your best!

ok, the meal. In my crock pot of spring water i added some dried parsley from last summer and since it's winter, and i have pickles okra and green beans laying around, i threw that in for some veggies. I also added some last call zuke i got at the co-op, some onion and garlic i had around a half lemon i found in the fridge annnd for the bones/meat....a lamb shank i got super cheap at the market grocery. local of course. but CHEAP, and today's lunch....tender and delicious....bone marrow yumness also. ANyways...what's your cheap meal? I love using whatever is laying around, and would love to hear what other people have hanging out to use. Once my old roomie and i started a cook book via postal service, where we mailed each other what we did with the leftovers (like the bottom of asparagus stalks) trying to avoid waste as much as we could.

here's a link to open your eyes a bit.   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2027079.stm

January 11, 2012

truffles and refrigerators

rainy day, i had the itch to make up some sugar free herb infused truffles.

if your have a fridge, know how to use your fridge wisely.

truffle outcome...