June 23, 2010

everyday is sunday in montana

ok, so everyday is like the weekend here. i can do whatever i want. it's great. it's unrealistic? unless i stumbled into a bag of endless money next week, i'll be needing a job after yoga training. o, did i mention it's official...i'm going to yoga training..in indonesia...because that's just how i do things. (my grandma told me yesterday i was a determined little child, even at 4 months) back to what i was saying, i need money and a kick ass job. none of these bullshit on-my-ass-stuck-in-a-building-9-5 jobs. and i don't live in lala land, i am just determined to live how i want. in peace.

some people came to visit for a few days today, which is cool because i plan on taking these days as days of solitude for myself. i don't feel like shooting the shit and trying to explain what i plan on doing with my life. i'm going go camp out and stare at the stars. i'm taking hol with me because i can ride him bareback on mini trips.

those are pics of the stuffed morels with roasted salsify roots and fresh flowers, dandelion tea, puff ball mushroom (i plan on attempting next), wild mint, and deer!