June 21, 2010

oysters and what not

found them!

big ones!

so they like the moist, shadow of a tree, especially a dead tree. i walked along the "crick" (what they call creeks around here) that had been in the path of the wild fire three years ago.

as i was leaving i also found this! what is a double awesome score called...
morels are kinda unpredictable. all i can tell is they like the moistness of a day post rain. and they like the area that has ash and dead trees. and they like a little sun but not much. and yes, i wear a cowgirl hat here.
bluebird eggs. i was evil enough to get this close, but i am not evil enough to eat them.
good day.

1 comment:

C said...

that's soooooo cool that you found those morels!!!!! and i must say, you look adorable in your mountain-woman attire.