June 18, 2010


keeping a blog is pretty simple, as long as i can get on a computer. (this means bringing myself to go inside) so today i decided to go hikinh in search of things. salisfy in mind...

a lake, in case you couldn't tell.

a creek.
white tail deer.

wild strawberries! fruit not in season for another month. how sad.

actual pure spring water. in flows in the tub and back out.
for people and animals.
wild blue flax. edible if cooked.
wild sage. it's all over.

choke cherry. fruit not in season for another month or two.
the bears love this plant.

sheep sorel. edible many ways.
i am going to dry the grain, and also steam some...

columbine. some say it's edible, some say it's edible only in small amounts.

salisfy!!! i found one, then another, then it was never ending. i picked in all the way home.
it blooms around noon and like sandy, sunny areas.
i am going to boil the root and eat the flower.
and stuffed a morel with the leaves.
the big find.
my little bouquet for my little room.
a view of the "crazies" a mount range about 40 miles away?
so this was the nearest neighbor's house. he was 95, living alone, and decided it was a good idea to move close to a town. my grandparents brought the place because they dont want neighbors. at all.

i want to live here, and not just for the large kitchen.

the house is much larger than it appears. the upstairs is 3 bedroom with a huge living room, kitchen and fireplace. then downstairs there is a large "entertaining" room with a bar and three more small bedrooms. then there is a storage room for food and what not. one of the walls looks stationary, but oh no, it opens up to a room for gun hiding! also if you enter another door and follow it around (picture above that looks underground) it leads to another secret down stairs with two more rooms. from there you take a stair case up to the other side of the house (so image a duplex) that has its own little kitchen, furnace (above) and two more rooms. three bathrooms in all.
the jeeps.

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C said...

everything in the post... the wildflowers, the deer, the spring well, the mountains, the perfect house... the only fitting word that comes to mind is "idyllic"