June 14, 2010

second post

perfect morel weather yesterday so i went out scouting fungi. three hours, two morels! right before i gave up and it started raining. eep! i was smiling a lot.
field i went through to a creek.

ok, top one is a little shabby, i know this.

salad with morels, dandelion flowers and greens, and sage. all wild.
dandelion greens are tough,
flowers are awesome.
i added some raw caesar dressing i made, not scavenged. obv.

looking at the night sky makes you feel high. the stars are endless. the more you stare the more appear. and they twinkle. and you feel small. and the universe feels infinite. and its crazy.

so to date: one black bear, one elk, one gopher, two wood chucks? tons of deer (white tail and mule) and antelope, a few rabbits, all kinds of birds and of course horses. oh and there is a dog out here and some cats that are mia :( , but leave us mice. OH and i just saw a mouse run across the room. seriously. how freakin cute.

1 comment:

C said...

Wanna eat that salad! Beautiful food!
I bet the stars are stunning out there... Wish I could stargaze in the mountains with you.

And you saw a black bear? Sounds potentially like a story I'll need to eventually hear...