June 20, 2010

so the weather has been great, usually clear and sunny. if it rains it comes and goes, and settles the dust. yesterday however was very windy. verrry windy. like blow me over windy. so i couldn't go outside. i made apple bread and went to bozeman for the farmers market. it's a drive but we needed some things anyways. bozeman's decently progressive for a small mountain city. there are many coffee shops, that somehow i resisted, an awesome co-op that says "using a paper cup is like feeding the pig"? three cafes that have gluten free foods and a kick ass book store. it is kind of early in the montana season for produce, but the town host two farmers markets a week. over half the market was artist vendors. awesome.
i have a long story about a Buddhist and a Taoist i met there. i am not going to type it tho.
most of my days are pretty similar, but different. i wake up around 7 and do yoga then make tea for my grandma and i. we read and stare at the mountains until we feel like going on a ride. usually are rides last around two hours, sometimes more. my grandpa also comes. i know, they are cool. then its lunch and i make something yummy and simple. then everyone naps but me. i go on my own adventure. this usually involves hiking/ scouting plants or bareback riding to the lake. when i get back we all go on a afternoon hike and they tell me about the land. and i tell them about what plants i have identified. we hike for over two hours, and never to the same places. i am always hungry when we get back. some nights we sit around and drink wine. they like red wine like me. so now all you people who i don't call know why. i am never indoors, except to eat and sleep(which won't be the case when i tent).

link for bread recipe. i add rolled oats, raisins, and put some almonds on top...


C said...

You daily routine sounds perfect... balanced and harmonious. your grandparents are even more awesome than I had imagined.
bozeman sounds really cool... at one of the only coffee shops in melbourne, i practically get into a fight with the barista everytime about not giving me a styrofoam cup.
i can see why you spend so much time outdoors... i swear i can almost smell the clean cool mountain through my computer screen, heh. i wish your pictures were bigger! those rides by yourself and with your grandparents sound amazing. i have an image in my head of you galloping across those green slopes in your pictures... so pretty and free and happy. i hope that is how you are feeling. :) it sure sounds like it.

C said...

also, um, i want to please eat that apple bread... like, right now.