June 21, 2010

two in one (day)

i took advantage of the longest day of the year. i rode and hiked and cooked and went to the calcite mine.

what i did with some things i found...oyster mushroom piled with red clover greens and sheep sorrel grain. and a dandelion green salad with blue violets, flowers and leaves, and columbine flowers. red clover on tippy top.

i ended up cooking the mushroom part.

dead tree forest. burnt. type movie scene.

i don't know how to turn pictures.

at the calcite mine.


small pictures suck.

i came home to find my little mouse friend asleep on my bed. i ran for my camera because it was so cute. then i found his nest? a little spot under the pillow next to me that i don't use. he must like it.


wild rose blossom
blue violet

wild chive

wild chive root.

wild chive flower

cool shit

wild rose

blue flax

paint brush



montana state flower: bitter root

evening primrose. turns pink.

dave's truck.

the gang. most of it.


C said...

I just read all of your posts, and your life is so beautiful! It's amazing, all the wild plants you are finding and all the fresh edibles you are creating... GORGEOUS!
Your pictures are breathtaking... almost feels like being there just to look at them. Look at all that luscious green grass! I just wanna romp and tumble and play in it! And how natural and majestic the horses look dotting that hill!
Your little mouse friend is way too adorable... it's too charmingly characteristic of you to have a mouse friend living under your pillow.
I am so out of touch... and it's my fault too! You're moving to Asheville? And what about Tennessee and Bali? Oh, so much to catch up on...
I miss you a ton. I believe I need your presence in my life for inspiration... This blog, though nothing like basking in your company, satisfies the sense of inspiration that rubs off on me when I'm with you. I am brimming with happiness for you. Not to mention, reading about your adventures, at least, makes me compelled to get off my rear and do something. Anyway, I'm probably writing way too much for a blog response... maybe I should have written it in an email? This just feels nicely interactive, I suppose.

seaf said...

hey hey!
woah, montana - fun! glad to see you are eating some yummy wild food out there. so jealous of all those great mushroom finds. you should start drawing your own pictures of what to eat and where the best finds can be found. how long will you be there for?
can't wait to read/see more.

Edie said...

this is beautiful wonderful! just like you.