July 2, 2010


last night. blissful & melancholy. is that possible.

horse ona hill.

washing four cups of dandelions for the wine.
my recipe: (i can't give you my word that it will work for another year.)
four cups dandelion flowers. no leaves. wash.
eight cups water. --boil
add three cups sugar and a bit of honey
add flowers and 
one orange-juice and rind cut up
one lemon same as orange
some sage
some raisins
ok, boil all that. for one hour.
let sit over night. 
once cool add a cup of blueberries that are organic and have a white film of yeast still. basically find some local ones or what not.
ok so let that all sit three weeks.
i poured mine in bottles, covered with cloth, and left in the basement. 
my grandma will cap them in three weeks. 
i think you may want to remove the blueberries, but i am not going to. ha.

montana is big sky country, even says so on the license plates.

 peanut butter cup for breakfast!

last saturday night, so i made a raw chocolate pudding and berry pie, and forced everyone to try it.
almond crust, chocolate center, berry top and vanilla frosting. chocolate mint cookie top.
should i write the roundabout recipe?

gluten free apple bread

pb cup

last set of pictures from my trip. note: while posting this i am back in gainesville, and will soon be in asheville for a few days, and then off to summertown, TN for two months or so. who knows. who ever knows. i just don't follow plans of any kind...