January 24, 2011

back in the states

goal: embracing dessert as dinner
(raw goodness in Ubud, Bali)

O, i haven't posted in quite some time now. I am back in the states, ready to settle down into a community again. I found a niche in ubud, but the neo-colonialism was eating at me. It's interesting in a way. All "westernized" areas were at some point what most would consider today as "third world," then colonized or invaded or what not. So...is it just something to accept, be aware of and move on into the twenty first century knowing this but living how i want? Knowing that values i don't support are being spread and adapted to areas of the world who live practices i do support? well i guess the sun will super nova eventually anyways, so i'll just keep doing what makes me happy. Asheville, my boxes are waiting...

January 15, 2011

gluten free doughnuts?


Xilitol frosting. kinda cold tasting, is cold a taste? it is now.

January 12, 2011

TN summertown in the summertime adventures

i turned the green building into lambs quarters drying factory
my bus of solitude
succulents are loyal friends that dresser is a secret passive dehydrator
the womb
thanks meredith!

freshest raw lasagna ever
sat market at the farm
who needs air locks?
wild cherry mead
this drying rack didnt cut it
my ritual: saturday morning muffins baked in a dress
wild blackberry jam filled