June 12, 2011

blueberry wine explosion

I was excited to get to Montana like i am every summer. I stayed up late making sure all everything was taken care of, including my current ferments, one of which was a blueberry wine. At four am i jumped out of bed, and pulled on my clothes, got my luggage and started heading to the car. then my cell rang. My flight was canceled. I stayed on the phone an hour rescheduling. ok, back to bed for three more hours. seven thirty rolled around, i jumped out of bed, again, had my clothes still on and walked into the kitchen to make some tea. and SHIT. the entire kitchen looked like a blueberry volcano had erupted. There was mush on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and behind corners which seemed impossible. even the kitchenette was covered. ok, fuck, i guess i better start cleaning. actually i called up the airline and moved my flight to the next day, this was going to be an all day task. i grabbed a wash cloth and just began. I was surprised how much i didn't freak out. all that meditation was paying off. the reality was i had a mess and it had to get cleaned. by nine thirty i was making my way toward the ceiling, everything was going to have to get repainted because of the stain. i cleaned the top of the fridge and placed my cloth on the shelf adjacent. and CRAsh. the freakin shelf, which had supported things for so long, decided to fall off the wall, along with all my roomy's art-traded-hand-made bowls and a few bottles of kombucha and mead. everything broken, even more of a mess on the area i just finished. ok, i started crying. how could i replace these bowls? was my main concern. eventually my room woke up and help me regain my brain, take a little break and get back to work. three movies later, 6 hours in, and it finally was reasonably clean. the ceiling was still bad but i was exhausted. so that is what is now referred to as the great blueberry explosion of o-6, eleven.

and this is one reason why meditation is so important, so when the blueberries hit the fan, you can deal.

the pictures don't do it justice...

it was the pectins fault, or mine for rushing and filling the carboy to full