September 30, 2011

indulgence in many ways

There are a few habits I developed as a raw foodie that are totally not primal, and i don't plan on giving up until fossil fuels run out. then i'll ride my horse down to the tropics and beg for work. the objects of my affection: Coconut (in all forms), Maca, and CACAO!!!!
And on thate note, I think i just perfected a sugar free (stevia) whole food based, medicinal, vata pacifying raw cacao bar. The problem is the process always ends at night, and i can't stop scraping the spatula, so now i'll be up all night. Of course i didn't right down a recipe, what's new. and i don't plan on giving this batch away, although i will trade for a massage, and i'll end up giving it away anyways, dammit, that's just me.

So you've probably heard that on top of being super awesome, raw cacao is considered a "super food." Full of feel goodness and minerals. (this website has cacao benefits: I've also heard lots of debate about if humans are actually supposed to eat cacao. One opinion being it taste bad straight up and no animal eats it. whatever, really, I've had a fresh bean, surrounded by the delicious white fruit and it was great. So, it has some I've heard the caffeine doesn't allow you to actually absorb all the nutrients, like the iron, but even if this is true, you still get some. If anything you are at net gain nutrition wise, but not deliciousness wise (this is all if you are eating no sugar or barely sweetened, in my opinion. once you add the sugars you start outweighing the benefit.)

I've heard that cacao will constipate you because it is dehydrating. It has high amounts of magnesium though, which helps your digestive tract retain water. Also, I've heard claims it will bloat you, but I think that is the high amounts of sugars added, especially the ones on the fructose side like agave (a whole other worm hole.)

Of course, i had to test it for myself, so as much as i love cacao, last spring i went three months without. It actually wasn't that hard, but I'm good at shoving things outta my mind. After a week i didn't crave it. I never noticed any change, and if there was one it wasn't enough for me to notice. No change in my constipation, just a huge hole in my heart. I finally gave up on the idea cacao was toxic, tried again, and was re hooked.

I'm allowed a few addictions....

September 28, 2011

saliva, saliva, saliva!

seriously, chewing is very important part of digestion, especially if you have weak digestive "juices" (like stomach acids, enzymes...)

September 26, 2011

when i started this...

i didn't know what a primal or paleo diet was...

September 25, 2011

a note of BPA

Bisphenol A, aka BPA, is an organic compound found in plastics, especially in polycarbonate, resins and the 3s and 7s marked in the recycling triangle. It tends to leech xenoestrogens into the junk you end up putting into your body, leeching more if heated or put in the sun. These xenoestrogens bind to your estrogen receptors and stay there, prob indefinently but at least for a long long time. Then they act as estrogen and mess up tons of functions in your body. I'm not going to list all the damage it does, do your own research, but I will tell you it is bad (band in many EU countries) and VERY VERY sneaky. It hides in places you wouldn't know to look. If you are trying to avoid BPA, you are probably trying to avoid xenoestrogens, which come in many more forms then just

The only reason it isn't banned in the US yet is money/consumer product reasons. big surprise. Once the market comes up with a substitute I'm sure there will be much more out there on why BPA is bad, and you should pay more for the product that doesn't contains it (put prob has the next worst thing.) Overall rule of thumb, stop buying things in ALL packaging! 

the soap is only there to make me feel better....

One thing I am not liking having to get used to is soap. Being vegan I rarely washed any of my kitchen hardware with soap, I just gave it a quick rinse. Now I feel it necessary to wash my pots and bowls and jars and spoon with suds. Like my bone broth pot, it's heavy. Maybe one day it'll dawn on me, like it did with veggies, that fat isn't "dirty," but it does need soap to get rid of that oiliness. I'm not a pro washers anyways.

anyways, last week I felt pretty tired, like my muscles were getting used to not having carbs available at their every call. My little body was all like...oww we have to burn fat now. Besides that, my acne is actually clearing up, and I've even noticed my slow healing scabs and scars going away.

September 22, 2011

new meditations

im curious why people don't question why they do things and what they are consuming. especially what they are putting in their bodies.

anyways, im going to do my morning meditations on the yamas and niyamas, a different one each day, and question what they really mean to me now.

September 20, 2011

The Agave lie!

if you are still using agave nectar, and think it's a healthy alternative to sugar read this..

sugar is sugar anyways, but not stevia!

if you HAVE to use sugary something try maple syrup, raw honey, or molasses, at least they aren't completely empty calories, but they will spike your blood sugar.

September 17, 2011

fish soup

This new adventure is going quite well. I bought chicken liver today at the farmers market that i will freeze and mull over for a while. Greenlife was doing a salmon cutting demo today, so i went by and convinced the guy to give me his scraps. Once i told him i had recently gone from vegan to omnivore he was very willing. Even gave me tips (along with everyone else buying the nice cuts). It's funny to see a big fish tail in a pot of bone broth. The cats are going to like this.

also, i think i may be egg intolerant! it could be the saddest may just be the raw eggs, specifically the raw duck eggs. More experimenting with that to come.

September 6, 2011

i'm back

and on the recovery path from being an ovo-vegan. man o man.
new turn, no grains, not many nuts, and no mono crops.