September 30, 2011

indulgence in many ways

There are a few habits I developed as a raw foodie that are totally not primal, and i don't plan on giving up until fossil fuels run out. then i'll ride my horse down to the tropics and beg for work. the objects of my affection: Coconut (in all forms), Maca, and CACAO!!!!
And on thate note, I think i just perfected a sugar free (stevia) whole food based, medicinal, vata pacifying raw cacao bar. The problem is the process always ends at night, and i can't stop scraping the spatula, so now i'll be up all night. Of course i didn't right down a recipe, what's new. and i don't plan on giving this batch away, although i will trade for a massage, and i'll end up giving it away anyways, dammit, that's just me.

So you've probably heard that on top of being super awesome, raw cacao is considered a "super food." Full of feel goodness and minerals. (this website has cacao benefits: I've also heard lots of debate about if humans are actually supposed to eat cacao. One opinion being it taste bad straight up and no animal eats it. whatever, really, I've had a fresh bean, surrounded by the delicious white fruit and it was great. So, it has some I've heard the caffeine doesn't allow you to actually absorb all the nutrients, like the iron, but even if this is true, you still get some. If anything you are at net gain nutrition wise, but not deliciousness wise (this is all if you are eating no sugar or barely sweetened, in my opinion. once you add the sugars you start outweighing the benefit.)

I've heard that cacao will constipate you because it is dehydrating. It has high amounts of magnesium though, which helps your digestive tract retain water. Also, I've heard claims it will bloat you, but I think that is the high amounts of sugars added, especially the ones on the fructose side like agave (a whole other worm hole.)

Of course, i had to test it for myself, so as much as i love cacao, last spring i went three months without. It actually wasn't that hard, but I'm good at shoving things outta my mind. After a week i didn't crave it. I never noticed any change, and if there was one it wasn't enough for me to notice. No change in my constipation, just a huge hole in my heart. I finally gave up on the idea cacao was toxic, tried again, and was re hooked.

I'm allowed a few addictions....