September 25, 2011

a note of BPA

Bisphenol A, aka BPA, is an organic compound found in plastics, especially in polycarbonate, resins and the 3s and 7s marked in the recycling triangle. It tends to leech xenoestrogens into the junk you end up putting into your body, leeching more if heated or put in the sun. These xenoestrogens bind to your estrogen receptors and stay there, prob indefinently but at least for a long long time. Then they act as estrogen and mess up tons of functions in your body. I'm not going to list all the damage it does, do your own research, but I will tell you it is bad (band in many EU countries) and VERY VERY sneaky. It hides in places you wouldn't know to look. If you are trying to avoid BPA, you are probably trying to avoid xenoestrogens, which come in many more forms then just

The only reason it isn't banned in the US yet is money/consumer product reasons. big surprise. Once the market comes up with a substitute I'm sure there will be much more out there on why BPA is bad, and you should pay more for the product that doesn't contains it (put prob has the next worst thing.) Overall rule of thumb, stop buying things in ALL packaging!