September 25, 2011

the soap is only there to make me feel better....

One thing I am not liking having to get used to is soap. Being vegan I rarely washed any of my kitchen hardware with soap, I just gave it a quick rinse. Now I feel it necessary to wash my pots and bowls and jars and spoon with suds. Like my bone broth pot, it's heavy. Maybe one day it'll dawn on me, like it did with veggies, that fat isn't "dirty," but it does need soap to get rid of that oiliness. I'm not a pro washers anyways.

anyways, last week I felt pretty tired, like my muscles were getting used to not having carbs available at their every call. My little body was all like...oww we have to burn fat now. Besides that, my acne is actually clearing up, and I've even noticed my slow healing scabs and scars going away.