October 19, 2011

the benefits without the fruits

I'm about to graduate from the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine! Tomorrow I plan on filling this post in with herbs that will give you the benefits of many amazing fruits, without the carbs! Like how one can get resveratrol without the wine, capsules or berries!

I'm making icecream from some local paw paws for graduation. it will be one of my fruit cheats for the year. not much of a cheat if you ask me. plus, it is soooo freakin good.

so, resveratrol, sold as a miracle anti-aging substance (in supplement form you need to look for trans resveratrol.) Actually, just read this. This highly priced phytochemical is also found in japanese knotweed, aka Polygonum Cuspidatum, aka the invasive week in your back yard. My friend Lewis, who is awesome, brought this to my attention. It happens to be growing all over the land i work on in Barnardsville, so i plan on tincturing it very soon. It makes a yummy potato-esque tea in the mean time, great in bone broth...