October 15, 2011

fall leaves

it's nice being back home in the mountains with my kitties. I've decided to stay put in Asheville, where I'm starting to find community. Also, why would I leave a place when I already know where to go fill up on spring water, am blessed to study with one of the greatest teachers around (Michael Johnson,) have an awesome roomie who is dating my awesome boss friend, and got the liver hook up.

I'm finally getting around to reading "The Second Brain." Intrinsic Factor and B12 absorption is fascinating.

I'm also sad to say coconut flour is next on my "test" list for safe foods.  I just received a bulk order of it in the mail because I thought it would be my new saving grace. However, when I made delicious pudding with it and grilled some coconut flour crusted shrimp last week I had some major gas/bloating. May be too much at one time, it is high in fiber. I've almost finished my alternative sweetener and bee pollen self test. results soon in....