November 8, 2011

airport rant

The airpot is a reality check for me. Out of my comfort zone and into the mainstream world. People rushing around  in cheap third world produced clothes, diretos in hand. Snacks, snacks full of non-food and sugars. Coffee stands at every corner. A constantly stimulated society, in a hurry to get somewhere. What they are really rushing towrd is disease. Death. My frist thought is what a waste, processing, packaging, petromleum. Why don’t people carry spiced seaweed or nuts as a snakc (ok some of us do..) but my second thought is, why even snack at all. We don’t need snacks when we eat proper meals loaded with dense nutritional fats and proteins. It’s the damn overabunance of carbs and sugars that fuck with our blood sugars and  urge us to snack…”feed me sugars” whishpers your second vrain. I’m currently five months into a diet completely devoid of all sugars, meaning anything normal people consider sgagr, like sugar anything alternative people consider sugar like honey and maple syrup, and anything that braks down into sugar like all grans, stachy veggies, and beans. I’m not even really eating nuts or seeds. So ya, things get weird when I do go out with friends. They rool their eyes at my questions of “do you add sugar to that” and “can I just get some steamed greans or a salad without dressing?” then I feel bad, like im the difficult overly picky one. But hello! This is my body, I should be concerned with what goes in it! I want quality life and that required quality foods that produced a quality brain and body so I can have a quality spiritual practice and so on. I think you are the weird ones, constantly hyped up on sugar. DAM sugar is in everything! I can’t even get smoked salmond without eveaporated cane uice in it. But that’s cool, it makes me really get down and dirty with cooking everything myself. Plus, like I said before, fuck packaging. (yes, I’m a 25 year old female in the 21st century and when I get fired up I say  fuck.)  so back to what I was saying. Bout sugar. I really think it’s the cause of like a billilion if not all health issues in America, yet we think its just normal yo be sick or get cancer. Oh well, it happens. But NO it shouldn’t we weren’t designed to be  degenerative and diseased. We should feel great until the day we die at a ripe old age of 105 or so. My grandma is in her early 80’s and loosing her mind, yet everyone thinks its great how well she is at sucha old age. In traditional cultures there are women in the re 90’s still  taking care of children.
So what really gets me is when people tell me I should be able to treat myself every now and then, “c’mon, you don’t have to be so strick.” Do they not get that I want to be? I treat isn’t a crème brulle or hot chcolate or pecan cookie during my book club meet up at the café. Those things might smell yummy but I couldn’t tell myself it was a treat to but homonginized patueureized diary refined sugars crappy rancid flours and grain fed cow butter into my body. I’d rather grab a tea and make my own raw warm chocolate full of super greens and herbs and healthy fats at home. Which by the way is freaki delicious!

So there, take your sugar and ill take my sanity back, thank you very much. Call me werid, I call you crazy. But whatever floats your boat.