December 7, 2011

anti-nutritents, danngit!

so, i've always been a big soaker of nuts and seeds because of the anti-nutrient phytic acid. In a nut shell, anti-nutrients are phtyochemicals that leach your own nutrients as you digest them. Think of it this way...a seed drops to the ground, it doesn't immediately start growing because it has it's own lineage in mind, and if it immediately started growing in the wrong circumstances, like drought, it would just die. So, it comes coated in this shit that inhibits it's start until it's been soaking in water long enough to survive...long enough to remove the phytic acid. Also there is oxalic acid, which has been linked to liver toxicity in large amounts. it's kinda like a pesticide plants produce for protection.
Phytic acid does not just rob you of nutrients, but it can be hard on digestion, which may be why many people have an issue with nuts and seeds.
recently i discovered coconut flour has 250 mg of phytic acid per 100 grams (according to Rami Nagel.)
also i found out cacao (chocolate) and coffee (both are seeds, not beans) contain oxalic acid. bummer for us humans. that shit leaches magnesium from your body, something most americans are already lacking.
The good thing is soaking, heating and fermenting can get rid of a lot of the anti's, but not all. hey, moderation right? unfortunately for me, i've probably consumed 198384764283 tons of raw cacao in the last 6 years.

dang traditional cultures were so smart to ferment their grains. i wonder if they knew it made them healthier and easier to digest (maybe they were still in-tune with their bodies) or if it was a lack of refrigeration thing....

raw cacao seed i ate in bali thanks chef Franky G! that's not sarcastic, it was a dream come true, and i was high on like for days.....yea, it's totally purple.