December 16, 2011

home experiments...

get ready, i'm home with my parents for the holidays. this means huge kitchen (with a dishwasher!) family guinea pigs (honest!) and most importantly...endless time and supplies (provided by my parents.) I already convinced my mom to take me grocery shopping. Also, my mom has agreed to follow an eating plan while i'm here. After two days of upping her healthy fat with a high protein breakfast (raw egg yolk smoothie with greens, coconut oil, coconut milk and raw yogurt, along with supplements of fermented cod liver and butter oil) and adding in two adaptogen herbs, she is already feeling better. Her normal running BM's are no more, and her anxiety hasn't hit. we will see...hopefully she will not she that i am blogging about her...eeek!

so basically expect some experiments!
right now i'm thinking about real life sugar free cinnamon buns to be my mine task. Also i'll be making protein bars for my brothers and dad as a xmas present and doing an experiments to compare the difference of chia and flax in baking. ohh and baking with fermented coconut flour, and see if it helps reduce the bloating. And i'll be using my parents electricity to do some dehydrating, of course making sure to drink plenty of h2o with the goodies...

vanilla coconut macaroons

curry nut crackers

sushi with nut pate

this is a bunch of irish moss the restaurant i worked at in bali gave me

this is one of the concoctions i made with it
irish moss flan, sugar free, but topped with a vanilla glycerine