December 24, 2011

a little bit of christmas eve

i made salve and lip balms with customized herb blends for my family

non-colorful and frilly containers for my dad and grandpa

 my grandma loves early grey tea, so i got her an organic tea blend and this early grey smelling salve

 brother's girlfriend's get lip balm..:)

 dinner time! i did all the cooking, what's new

 pistachio - baked once- biscotti 

 vanilla almond cake

mashed cauli 

collards, zuke and onions in bone broth and sausage base

 herb crusted baked chicken, stuffed with celery, apples, onions, garlic and carrots (i skipped on the apples and carrots) i glazed it (in side the skin and out) with garlic onion thyme infused ghee, and loaded on the herbs and spices
ready to partyyyyyy