December 23, 2011

pain is your friend!

So, I've had my fill on television and commercials over the past few days to last me a few years. Next year i will be out of the country for the holidays. There is this advil commercial where a very old santa is having back pain, and then someone gives him advil and he's all better. I'm like wait, lets reevaluate the situation. you are like a bizzilion years old, hunching over toys and going down chimneys, maybe what you need to do is stretch a litter and when your back hurts give it a back, not push through it! So many people do this though! head ache, aspirin, menstrual pain, aspirin, hurt knee, aspirin. It just covers the problem like the majority of other western medicine does, but it can be your friend! An indicator there is a problem that needs attention before it get worse. Head aches are a sign or so many things, food allergies, dehydration, stress, insufficient breathing. Menstrual pain i've seen to be an indicator of toxicity and hormone issues. and the physical, well freaking lay off of it until it tells you it's ok. So santa, maybe be a little selfish, get mrs. claus to rub your back with some arnica, maybe even think of retiring and handing the business over to an elf

in better newss....go paleos! i hope these are all grass fed paleos against intense animal factories...