January 27, 2012

Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore!

So, if you guys don't know who Jimmy Moore is, well, you will no longer have that problem (because here is a link.) So Jimmy is like the Jesus of the low carb world, spreading his message at any cost. He is a true yogi; he speaks the truth and is out there for the betterment of all people. Just listen to him and you will know what having a passion sounds like. With three podcast out around low carb lifestyles, he's pretty un-stoppable.

So last year my friend caught me listening to a show called, Livin la vida low carb...one of Jimmy tri-weekly podcast. She called me a health dork and i told her...yaa well...i really love this show and one day i'm gonna be on it. I was kinda joking. Then a few months rolled by, and new years 2012 came, and my day was kinda odd.  i went to a yin yoga night class, and like always Michael Johnson made life seem great. Before crashing into bed i decided to check my e-mails, and lala! Jimmy Moore....emailed me, asking if i wanted to be on his podcast Low Carb Conversations. WHATT...is this a joke....MEEE...eeeek. Ya i jumped around a lot.

So here is the link. Ignore my constant"you knows" ugghhh. next time ill come off more intelligent...promise...


it's hard to get in everything you want to say on these shows....so take it for what you will....

OHH and here are some cookies to make up for my squeeky voice...

experimenting with new nut flours....

January 26, 2012

Salmon overload

So last week there was a huge sale on nice, alaskan, sustainably caught salmon at le grocery store. I got 40 dollars worth for 20...holllla. but, then i had a shit ton of salmon.... everywhere, and i didn't want it to go bad. I could have laid it on a wax papered plate, sprinkled it with water, froze it, and re-sprinkled it, and froze it more....that method keeps fish good for a long time in the freezer. unfortunately, my freezer is already full, and my roomies would kill me if i shoved more in there next to the liver and bird feet.

this gave me the chance to do something i've been thinking of for months....preserving fish! I choose three methods...pickling, salting, and dehydrating....here are my delicious results!

Jerkified! I marinated the fish in two different sauces, a Malaysian curry (8 hr soak, no rinse) and a smoked salt and stevia sweetness (2 hour soak, rinsed to remove some salt). dehydrated at 150 for around 6 hrs, but i watched it, and pulled some sooner than others.
TIP: freeze the salmon first, which makes it easier to cut into 1/2 inch strips.
This method will keep the salmon good the longest.
Also, i love my cat so much that i cut the skin up into yummy kitty treats, which she is going crazy over.

outcome: my 2nd favorite way to preserve salmon (and only because i don't really like dehydrating food) but it is sooooo yummy. the texture is great! i'll do this again.

Pickled Salmon (aka fermented!) MY FAV!!!! THIS method won!
Some recipes call for curing the salmon first in salt, however i felt like my last method already did that, so i went straight for the brine solution. I don't have a recipe for you, i read a few then combined them in my head and came out with a solution of 2ishTbl salt, 1ish squeezed lemon, and some spices...toasted peppercorn, fennel, caraway...

i cut the fish into bite size pieces, let them sit out 36 hrs on the counter (60F) and then moved them to the fridge, i think it'll only last a week because it's so great.

Tip:  layer the fish with whole lemon slices! preserved lemon and salmon, how can you go wrong?

Last method; Salt Curing. No me gusta!!! way too salty! honestly, i ended up rinsing it all, re-marinated it in coconut vinegar and spices, and then tossing it into a jar with brine.

here's a link to the Lost Arts Kitchen website where i used the recipe...kinda.
I mean, it was ok....if you like salty fish. I used celery instead of fennel because it's what i had.

THE BEST PART!!! the salmon is still raw. The acid in the lemon juice preserves ceviches it some, but the delicate omega oils are not all ruined! plus it feels great in my body...try it out

January 22, 2012

Dear Andrew Plotsky...

thank you for your action and film.

Andrew was recently interviewed in this article about his vegan to butcher life choice. So great and motivating! I have definintly noticed that the hip-vegan is now turning to the hip-localvore. I think i am one of these....except the hip part maybe. Anyways, from one fellow ex-vegan to another, i amdire you Andrew...and not just because you are very cute. It takes courage to leave a fun town like brooklyn, where are are a hip barista, to go back to nature. I've always heard of Vason Island (where he lives and butchers) and would love to see it someday. Maybe we can meet...

January 21, 2012

Cheap Meals, Honest Actions.

Ok, i was MIA for a bit, but i was celebrating my 6 month sugar-freedomness with a friend from out of town. She taught me how to relax (thanks Alyssa!) I'm really looking forward to finding a good balance in the next half, so when i have reached my mark of one year, i wont be crazed for sugar.

ok, so in really news....(kinda)
I have a lot of friend that have been posting facebook messages about how shitty politics are. Yes, we know this. How stupid and fake campaigns are. They waste money, like the government does in general. Our country is in recession, but politicians spend oodles on commercials. Of course i think it's a waste also, but where is the mirror in this lesson? As American's we are complaining about the recession and how government spending is fucked, and i agree, but look at it from another point of view. This humanity thing isn't just country to country, it's worldwide. So what do you think the people facing real famine in Africa think of us? I don't have a lot of money, but i never starve, sometimes i even have food going bad in my fridge. Sometimes i unnecessarily bake cookies (ok, that's all the time.) i would like to start saving money so i can send it to places making real change in the world.

sometimes i wish i was born to a tribe in the jungle. I wouldn't have time to think about the woes of life, i would just be living, making one move to the next, trying to provide for my family in a real hard knock kinda way. But that's life, everywhere and everyone has problems, it's just about facing them, controlling them, and trying to be happy and free to enjoy what little glipse at this crazy world we get.

So the cheap meal thing....

winter...is an easy time to be frugal once you embrace long simmered stews.
additionally, cooking meat in liquid reduces the AGES (advanced glycation end productions) in the meal. Don't know what i'm talking about...check this interview: http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/5670/532-dr-jaime-uribarri-warns-of-disease-making-advanced-glycation-end-products-ages/
or this great article (i love how it talks about AGES being created easier with fructose!) http://www.realfooduniversity.com/what-are-advanced-glycation-end-products/

So AGES can be super scary, but so is life, so dont get too caught up it, just do your best!

ok, the meal. In my crock pot of spring water i added some dried parsley from last summer and since it's winter, and i have pickles okra and green beans laying around, i threw that in for some veggies. I also added some last call zuke i got at the co-op, some onion and garlic i had around a half lemon i found in the fridge annnd for the bones/meat....a lamb shank i got super cheap at the market grocery. local of course. but CHEAP, and today's lunch....tender and delicious....bone marrow yumness also. ANyways...what's your cheap meal? I love using whatever is laying around, and would love to hear what other people have hanging out to use. Once my old roomie and i started a cook book via postal service, where we mailed each other what we did with the leftovers (like the bottom of asparagus stalks) trying to avoid waste as much as we could.

here's a link to open your eyes a bit.   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2027079.stm

January 11, 2012

truffles and refrigerators

rainy day, i had the itch to make up some sugar free herb infused truffles.

if your have a fridge, know how to use your fridge wisely.

truffle outcome...

January 10, 2012

a piece of my puzzle #1

so, none of my post actually have thus far addressed my crazy health issues. some of them are kinda too personal for me to just put out there right now, but i'm working on a zine about them (a little self published pamphlet.) 
However, one issues is HUGE and common, especially among vegans.....

hypochlorhydria! This is when your stomach doesn't produce enough stomach acid (hydrochloric acid - HCL) to function and digest properly.

eeekkk! it took me years of bloating, regurgitation, constipation and billions of trials and errors before i finally realized what was going on with me. I totally gave it to myself when i was making the food choices that favored carbs, over eating and lack of protein. 

why is stomach acid so important? well for one it is a natural part of your body's highly sophisticated system. 
1.You need HCL to digest proteins, and you need protein to manufacture HCL. 
2. Your tummy must be a certain pH in order for it's sphincters to function - for the esophageal sphincter will not stay closed if the pH isn't high enough, therefore allowing acid reflux (yes most of the time acid reflux is due to too little HCL, not too much...so be careful with though ant-acids) and the pH must be low enough, or acidic enough, for the pyloric sphincter to allow food to pass into the stomach. When the pH never gets low enough, you get that heavy...i have food sitting in my tummy all day...feeling. it sucks!
3. You need HCL to absorbs certain micronutrients, like calcium, boron, zinc, copper, iron, selenium...you don't get these and you start seeing things fall part, and aging happens quicker!
4. Stomach acid keeps the stomach sterile. If you are like me, and don't have the best...or any...hygiene around washing things off, or soap...you need that stomach acid to kill the junk like bacteria on your food. That's how cave men did it, they didn't have dr. bonners or axe or w/e. If you don't have good levels of stomach acid, not only can virus's get a hold of you better and parasites take there target, but you may get an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria where it isn't supposed to be. Then your food may ferment in your stomach causing bloat and gas and misery...
5. all the above things i've listen can cause inflammation in the stomach, a precursor to stomach cancer.
6. not being able to absorb B12 gets it own number, ya it's that important!

so, if your food isn't digested properly, and eventually your stomach allows it into the small intestine for further processing, the whole process gets thrown off. Think of a dis-assembly line....if the first guy didn't un do the glue, how will the next take the pieces apart and separate them to be shipped off to their correct locations. nope. Instead you get yeast and bacteria feeding on the nutrients you are not getting, and they fart, and you fart, and you can't go to yoga now, and it all sucks. i know this,

you can test for hypochlorhydria, i didn't need to though once i realized the food i was constantly burping up wasn't taking like acid vomit at all. 

there are a bunch of symptoms you can look up for yourself, like what i've mentioned with gas and bloating and feeling heavy. Also having recognizable, or any food chuck in your poo is a good sin of this or that you need to chew better (a whole other VERY important part of digestion, especially for you carb eaters!) The famed Candida is a symptom also. 

so why are VEGANS at more risk? Because carbohydrate digestion happens before protein digestion, and needs a more alkaline environment. Once yur body starts carb digestion with saliva and chewing, it takes your stomach about 30 min to build up enough acid to digest protein. If you are going heavy on the rice and bread and pasta...carbs...it inhibits the acid, and if you aren't eating enough protein, or digestion and absorbing the protein you are eating, you can't manufacture Hcl anyways.

also for you vegans...who already don't get B12, if you have this problem you REALLY won't get your B12. I suggest sublingual B12 supps, the shots have crazy shit in them, and the stuff you swallow isn't really getting absorbs...it's a long step process involving many things to go right, like intrinsic factor.

I suggest seeing a doctor if you think you have this issue

anyways, i've resulted to using betaine HCl during meals, and apple cider vinegar shots. My issue was so bad, i was on the achlorhydria side of not producing HCL at all! and lemme tell you...NO MORE BABY BELLY. i feel so much better. i can move after meals, i can eat a meal later that day and feel like there is an empty tummy for it, i don't feel heavy or gassy or anything. it's life changing. I figured it took at least 2 years to get to that point, and may take a few to recovery, but i have faith one day, once i get enough zinc and protein back in me, i will do just fine on my own.

The HCL thing: talk to your doctor. I could tell you how to dose, but then it'd be my fault if something went wrong. look it up on google like i did or see a doctor. The one thing that isn't always told about HCL pills....if you are taking digestive enzymes the HCL will cancel their effect, so wait 15-30 mins before taking them. ALSO if you are eating carbs, the 1st 30 min or so of digestion is for carbs, remember they like it alkaline. So take your HCL 30 min later. I don't do this shit tho, i don't really eat carbs. I take one pill before the meal and i wont tell you how many after...

what else i've done: I no longer eat raw vegetables (and currently not eating fruit because of my sugar freedom) besides avocados and little bits of pre-digested fermented foods. every now and then ill eat some baby greens, but i chew VERY well. I always use sea salt at every meal, sometimes other types of high mineral salt also. I eat animal products mainly raw or marinated which helps predigest them. over cooking makes the protein harder to break down. I always have lots of good fats, it helps to stimulate bile release from the gallbladder. chew chew chew!

bitter herbs can also help stimulate the digestive process. Tinctures of Gentian, dandelion, centaury, angelica root,  burdock, bitter orange, ginger, yarrow....just to name a few. you can cop out and get Swedish bitters, but i dunno i think there is sugar in there? Also, coffee is great...especially fair trade water processed decaf coffee, also helps with insulin sensitivity. sometimes i take shots of apple cider vinegar. 

here are a list of related issues, caused from low stomach acid...
(according to Michael Murray, N.D.)

Addison's Disease, asthma, celiac disease, chronic autoimmune disorders, dermatitis. diabetes mellitus, eczema, food allergies, gallbladder disease, gastric cancer, grave's disease, hepatitis, lupus erthematosus, osteoporosis, pernicious anemia, psoriasis, rosacea, thyrotoxicosis, urticaria, vitiligo...

January 9, 2012

The most brownie Tasting not-brownie
that i've yet to have on the sugar free kick

1 C blanched almond flour
1/4 t sea salt
1/4 t baking powder
1/4 t stevia
4 T coconut oil
1 T hazelnut oil (or ghee or coconut oil, but this adds flavor)
2 T vanilla extract
1/4 C coconut milk from Native Forest
1/4 C ground flax soaked in 1/4 C h20

mix dry, mix wet, including soaked flax, mix wet into dry
fill 1/2 cupcake holders
bake 350 for about 22 min
or until your chew/gooeyness desire is filled

Once cooled place in freezer
once frozen enjoy! 
I know brownies are supposed to be warm, so whatever, but these are SO good frozen, then dipped into warm drinks. but eat however.


I don't knowhow to get my comments turned on? If anyone can help please email me at Ashesashes@earthling.net. Also, if you have comments feel free to e-mail me...I'd love feedback on recipes!

January 7, 2012

The destroyer!


When I first started discovering Eastern philosophy, and made my way to India (which is what got me into yoga before the asana stuff came around) I was immediately drawn to to the God Shiva, one of the main three manifestations of Brahman. This is actually typical in India, resonating with one God as a primary deity. It so happens Shiva is the God of the yogis, who wanderings the forest with his clan of outcast and have crazy hippy fire dance parties. He is the God of destruction, which is just part of the circle of life, leading to Krishna (preserver) and Brahma (creator.) In the above picture (my fav in statue form) Shiva is doing his thing. The fire reps the destruction of material worlds, but the dance is the manifestation of rebirth, or creation. As you may notice, he is totally dancing on a little person! this is the dwarf of ignorance, forgetting what reality actually is. His lifted foot reps freedom from bondage to this earth, and the drum he beats is the rhythm of the universe, the heart beat, the sounds of everything (underling zero point field?) and the sounds of AUM. The tiger skin which he usually is pictured sitting in mediations on reps the mind (a crazy wild tiger that must be tamed with tapas.) This is the dance of nataraj....yes....the asana pose natarajasana comes from this.

So back to my current thoughts of Shiva...forest hippy, running around with dreads and outcast and bon fires and women who follow him. This dood had no time to farm, no fields of wheat. where did that tiger skin come from? maybe he ate it? anyways, Shiva is my ancient Paleo friend, he was prob a hunter gatherer, and i don't think those muscles came from eating veggies and beans. maybe he begged people for food, but i don't think many people in the forest have rice laying around.who knows....

I think i'll make a shiva inspired treat soon...
oh and here is that pose

January 6, 2012


In all my years of veganism, the one thing i missed dearly was sea-food. there is something so amazing about a fresh raw oyster. Its sad to think of the destruction of the sea, how contaminated it may be, or how over harvested the sea population may be. I buy seafood when i can now, but i seek out items based on causing the least harm to the environment and least harm to my body.

besides eating local trout, especially the ones friends give me, or the little things in our river i sometimes can get. I'd like to set up an aquaponics system one day with tilapia.
Alaska has very strict laws that won't allow over fishing, this leaves enough fish to carry on the population, avoiding the early 90's fish scare and the almost cod extinction. I also love the sardine from Vital Choice. They are a great place to buy from. For one they use sustainable methods. Also they have PBA free cans, and only heat once (other canned fish get heated twice, usually shipped to asia and back, and taste totally different.)

so why sardines? well besides the fact they are great for you, bones and little organs and all! besides they are high in omega 3, phosphorus and many other nutrients you can look up yourself, and besides they are easy and fast...i eat them because i really feel we all need to move toward consuming only sustainable sea creatures. Mainly I'm getting at that i won't eat farm raised fish.

farm raised fish is not solving the over fishing problem for many reasons. For one, they are fishing the small fish from the oceans (anchovies, herring...arn't all small fish called sardines?) and feeding them to the farmed fish at a 5:1 input output. why not just eat the small fish! This is taking away fish from poorer countries so that the rich west can have their salmon. Also, farmed fish is higher in omega 6 than wild fish, and doesn't taste as yummy.  some of the fish used have been bred and hybridized in ways that make them produce sterile offspring, so if one fish slips out into the ocean, and breds with wild fish the babies won't be able to carry on the population.

i personally feel people should be informed on what they consume. The book (or movie documentary) End Of The Line, is a good starting point.

ok, so eat sardines with avocado and mustard and be happy!

key lime mouse

small avocado, 1/2 lime



Sugar-free, super simple, key lime mouse.

1 small soft ripe avocado (about 9 Tablespoons)
1/2 juice of a lime (or if you can find a key lime...)..also you can add lime to your taste
3 tablespoons coconut milk from native forest (in can, they don't use BPA)
pinch of salt
1 dropper vanilla stevia extract (i use the now brand glyercine based)
5 Tablespoons coconut oil

toss everything except coconut oil in a blender (i use a magic bullet type thing for this) and blend!
heat coconut oil to liquid, add, and blend!

finito! be careful, you may eat the whole thing! if you put it in the fridge it will get much more solid....
be creative, add 2 tablespoons of cashew or mac nut butter for extra richness, make a creamcheese topping..
i love to add some ground flax (not presoaked to avoid toxins!) it gives the mouse a built in crust taste. i love it for breakfast. or sandwiched between too perfect paleo cookies with some cream cheese frosting... recipes for those in previous post...

January 5, 2012

cookies cookies cookies...

ok, finally, the official cookie recipe...
i'll call it...
the perfect sugar free cookie 
(pictured directly above)

2.5 C Blanched Almond flour
1/4 t sea salt
1/4 t baking powder
1/2 t NuStevia powder
5 T ghee
5T coconut oil
1/2 C coconut milk from Native forest in can (to avoid BPA)

mix dry, mix wet, mix wet into dry
make 1 inch balls on cookie sheet, flatten with palm of hand
bake somewhere between 10-22 min, i know thats a huge range buuut 18 is usually good to get golden edges, i like my crispy so i go for 25 min.

now get crazy, add pecans with cinnamon and orange oil, or hemp and lemon oil. 
this cookie base is your canvas!!

Nom what?!

Ok, seriously, i am so over the word "nom" to describe food. what is it even? the sound of me chomping my food? the sound of something yummy? I dunno, but i don't make that noise when i eat nor does my cookies. Speaking of cookies...i've been improving my base cookie recipe. here is the last batch, a little oily but very good! (i know i ate them all in less then 24 hrs)

January 4, 2012

2 points for paleo!

dear yogis (and others) check out this article my good friend Meredith sent me, pay close attention to number 9!!


OH THERE'S MORE...try 500 bonus points for paleo....


the only thing i dont agree on is the "lack of vit D" as a problem. yaaaa riiiiiight. compared to the said diet, paleo followers who are true paleo, and eat the whole animal...organs and all...get way more vit D. i have no scientific proof of that, but cooommmeon

ohhh and here is some cupcake recipe, i wrote it down!!!

2 C blanched almond flour
1/4 C cacao or coco powder
1/2 t sea salt
1/2 t baking powder
1/2t nustevia
1/3 C coconut milk from can, you can try box...
1/5 C stevia glycerine (if you dont want to buy this, use 1/2 C coconut milk
2 eggs
2 T vanilla extract

350F oven, mix dry in one bowl except stevia, mix all wet with eggs and stevia. combine. fill cupcakes 2/3 full. bake about 30 min, but keep an eye on that stuff 

Cheesecake frosting:
I made soft cheese from my raw goat milk piima starter,
let it get good and firm
then i added lemon oil, orange oil (2:1 ratio), vanilla glycerine and salt to taste
and it taste GOOOODD

January 3, 2012

insulin & your circulatory system

lets recap how insulin messes with your circulatory system....this is from leirre keith's "The Vegetarian Myth"

too much insulin triggers growth of the smooth muscle lining of the arteries, causing them to thicken, becoming less elastic. less blood can get threw the arteries at one time, but there is still the same amount of blood trying to get around your body, this causes more pressure..aka high blood pressure. on top of that, now the kidneys are retaining more fluid, more fluid more pressure. even higher blood pressure. Insulin also encourages  connective tissue growth on the inside of the arteries, which has a roughish fiberous texture, so more plaque has something to stick to.

my speel:
so if you have plaque build up, and your arteries are less elastic, well you are headed for a something scary. it doesn't matter how high your percent of plaque is when it comes to an attack, all that matters is one plaque burst or whatever the heck it really does in there. This is one reason cardio can be beneficial. not only will it help with insulin levels, but especially if you are doing interval cardio, like kettle bells, your vessels have to learn not to expand and contract depending on your heart beat. this keeps them more able to be flexible / elastic, so the plaque also learns from this, and gets less like a stuck couch potato. it's as if you took a ballon, and put some mud on it. if it sat there and dried it would be more likely to crumble, but if you kept that ballon inflated and deflated, it would be harder for it to get all stuck in one spot.

honey alert!

Hey hey! really great article to get informed on honey. More reasons why to buy local honey....and AVOID all pre-made, pre-packaged, processed bullshit. Think about it, when you buy "healthy whole wheat crackers sweetened with honey!" what you are actually getting....the cheapest ingredients for the biggest profit. Cheap oxidized egg powders, eww! you want cholesterol, eat that junk with the sugar and there ya go! As we should all know by now, sugar and insulin is one factor that tells our body to produce cholesterol (yes, we produce 80% of the cholesterol in our body, ie eating eggs is not the issue if they are whole and not oxidized powders) healthy as my cats litter box, which at least the litter won't spike your insulin!

so if the fact processed food is anything but sattvic, maybe that little tid bit will help.

honey is sugar! especially lame if it has been heated at all! I will say, i have a special place in my heart for raw honey, and it along with maple syrup and coconut sugar would be my only sweeteners allowed in very small moderation if someone HAD to have sugar. at least they all have some minerals and what nots. I do think honey for some can be slightly healing, but i'd rather just eat raw flower pollen. save the honey for your cuts and scraps!

here is the honey article! read it if you ingest honey!

January 2, 2012

a cheesey new years eve

my plan for new years eve was a fancy skirt and as many chocolate chip cookies as i desired (sugar free of course!) they turned out yummy, but more exciting was the cheese cake.  grain free /sugar free new years cheese cake. i haven't had a slice of cheese cake in years! the problem was that i forgot the taste of traditional cheese cake, and had to make the recipe up, making it much more daunting then cookies! buuuut, it worked!!! i made the cheese from scratch, so the recipe would be a bit difficult to recreate.

no sugar, nada

grain/dairy free rosemary herb bread