January 21, 2012

Cheap Meals, Honest Actions.

Ok, i was MIA for a bit, but i was celebrating my 6 month sugar-freedomness with a friend from out of town. She taught me how to relax (thanks Alyssa!) I'm really looking forward to finding a good balance in the next half, so when i have reached my mark of one year, i wont be crazed for sugar.

ok, so in really news....(kinda)
I have a lot of friend that have been posting facebook messages about how shitty politics are. Yes, we know this. How stupid and fake campaigns are. They waste money, like the government does in general. Our country is in recession, but politicians spend oodles on commercials. Of course i think it's a waste also, but where is the mirror in this lesson? As American's we are complaining about the recession and how government spending is fucked, and i agree, but look at it from another point of view. This humanity thing isn't just country to country, it's worldwide. So what do you think the people facing real famine in Africa think of us? I don't have a lot of money, but i never starve, sometimes i even have food going bad in my fridge. Sometimes i unnecessarily bake cookies (ok, that's all the time.) i would like to start saving money so i can send it to places making real change in the world.

sometimes i wish i was born to a tribe in the jungle. I wouldn't have time to think about the woes of life, i would just be living, making one move to the next, trying to provide for my family in a real hard knock kinda way. But that's life, everywhere and everyone has problems, it's just about facing them, controlling them, and trying to be happy and free to enjoy what little glipse at this crazy world we get.

So the cheap meal thing....

winter...is an easy time to be frugal once you embrace long simmered stews.
additionally, cooking meat in liquid reduces the AGES (advanced glycation end productions) in the meal. Don't know what i'm talking about...check this interview: http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/5670/532-dr-jaime-uribarri-warns-of-disease-making-advanced-glycation-end-products-ages/
or this great article (i love how it talks about AGES being created easier with fructose!) http://www.realfooduniversity.com/what-are-advanced-glycation-end-products/

So AGES can be super scary, but so is life, so dont get too caught up it, just do your best!

ok, the meal. In my crock pot of spring water i added some dried parsley from last summer and since it's winter, and i have pickles okra and green beans laying around, i threw that in for some veggies. I also added some last call zuke i got at the co-op, some onion and garlic i had around a half lemon i found in the fridge annnd for the bones/meat....a lamb shank i got super cheap at the market grocery. local of course. but CHEAP, and today's lunch....tender and delicious....bone marrow yumness also. ANyways...what's your cheap meal? I love using whatever is laying around, and would love to hear what other people have hanging out to use. Once my old roomie and i started a cook book via postal service, where we mailed each other what we did with the leftovers (like the bottom of asparagus stalks) trying to avoid waste as much as we could.

here's a link to open your eyes a bit.   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2027079.stm

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