January 7, 2012

The destroyer!


When I first started discovering Eastern philosophy, and made my way to India (which is what got me into yoga before the asana stuff came around) I was immediately drawn to to the God Shiva, one of the main three manifestations of Brahman. This is actually typical in India, resonating with one God as a primary deity. It so happens Shiva is the God of the yogis, who wanderings the forest with his clan of outcast and have crazy hippy fire dance parties. He is the God of destruction, which is just part of the circle of life, leading to Krishna (preserver) and Brahma (creator.) In the above picture (my fav in statue form) Shiva is doing his thing. The fire reps the destruction of material worlds, but the dance is the manifestation of rebirth, or creation. As you may notice, he is totally dancing on a little person! this is the dwarf of ignorance, forgetting what reality actually is. His lifted foot reps freedom from bondage to this earth, and the drum he beats is the rhythm of the universe, the heart beat, the sounds of everything (underling zero point field?) and the sounds of AUM. The tiger skin which he usually is pictured sitting in mediations on reps the mind (a crazy wild tiger that must be tamed with tapas.) This is the dance of nataraj....yes....the asana pose natarajasana comes from this.

So back to my current thoughts of Shiva...forest hippy, running around with dreads and outcast and bon fires and women who follow him. This dood had no time to farm, no fields of wheat. where did that tiger skin come from? maybe he ate it? anyways, Shiva is my ancient Paleo friend, he was prob a hunter gatherer, and i don't think those muscles came from eating veggies and beans. maybe he begged people for food, but i don't think many people in the forest have rice laying around.who knows....

I think i'll make a shiva inspired treat soon...
oh and here is that pose