January 3, 2012

honey alert!

Hey hey! really great article to get informed on honey. More reasons why to buy local honey....and AVOID all pre-made, pre-packaged, processed bullshit. Think about it, when you buy "healthy whole wheat crackers sweetened with honey!" what you are actually getting....the cheapest ingredients for the biggest profit. Cheap oxidized egg powders, eww! you want cholesterol, eat that junk with the sugar and there ya go! As we should all know by now, sugar and insulin is one factor that tells our body to produce cholesterol (yes, we produce 80% of the cholesterol in our body, ie eating eggs is not the issue if they are whole and not oxidized powders) healthy as my cats litter box, which at least the litter won't spike your insulin!

so if the fact processed food is anything but sattvic, maybe that little tid bit will help.

honey is sugar! especially lame if it has been heated at all! I will say, i have a special place in my heart for raw honey, and it along with maple syrup and coconut sugar would be my only sweeteners allowed in very small moderation if someone HAD to have sugar. at least they all have some minerals and what nots. I do think honey for some can be slightly healing, but i'd rather just eat raw flower pollen. save the honey for your cuts and scraps!

here is the honey article! read it if you ingest honey!