January 27, 2012

Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore!

So, if you guys don't know who Jimmy Moore is, well, you will no longer have that problem (because here is a link.) So Jimmy is like the Jesus of the low carb world, spreading his message at any cost. He is a true yogi; he speaks the truth and is out there for the betterment of all people. Just listen to him and you will know what having a passion sounds like. With three podcast out around low carb lifestyles, he's pretty un-stoppable.

So last year my friend caught me listening to a show called, Livin la vida low carb...one of Jimmy tri-weekly podcast. She called me a health dork and i told her...yaa well...i really love this show and one day i'm gonna be on it. I was kinda joking. Then a few months rolled by, and new years 2012 came, and my day was kinda odd.  i went to a yin yoga night class, and like always Michael Johnson made life seem great. Before crashing into bed i decided to check my e-mails, and lala! Jimmy Moore....emailed me, asking if i wanted to be on his podcast Low Carb Conversations. WHATT...is this a joke....MEEE...eeeek. Ya i jumped around a lot.

So here is the link. Ignore my constant"you knows" ugghhh. next time ill come off more intelligent...promise...


it's hard to get in everything you want to say on these shows....so take it for what you will....

OHH and here are some cookies to make up for my squeeky voice...

experimenting with new nut flours....


deedum said...

Hey! Fellow yogini here. I've been low carb paleo for 3 years and have been teaching yoga for 7 years. I'm 47 years old.

I'm sad that nobody comments on your blog posts (I never comment on blog posts either) but I thought I'd get the ball rolling. I'm sure your Jimmy interview will open up your blog like crazy!

I was a McDougall vegan for about a year in the early 90's. I don't remember how strict I was, but I do remember the horrible hypoglycemia, bloating, gas. I discovered The Zone in 1996 and it impoved my health alot and my hypoglycemia enough that I could eat every 4 hours instead of every 2 hours.

Then when I hit 40, all hell broke loose. I was teaching cardio kickboxing and yoga, gaining weight, tired. I had stopped eating wheat which helped for about a year but then the bloat and gas came back. Hypoglycemia was out of control and even strict Zone made no difference. Upped my fiber and got a blockage in my intestine. I was pre-fatty liver disease which I attribute to years of fructosy Zone and Balance bars.

Then I read Good Calories, Bad Calories and the angels sang! Started off zero-carb, only ate animals for a year then added little bit of potatoes and some fermented veggies and here I am!

I did a YogaFit teacher training right after I started zero-carb - there I was eating lunch with the other students, them with their vegan crap and their skinless chicken breasts with salad, and me with my pre-cooked, rare, bloody ribeye that I ate with my hands! Needless to say, I had few friends there, hee, hee.

Keep up the good blog and here's to a full and not too controversial comment section!

Deanna (@MeatYogi)

CADreamin said...

I would not have found you if it weren't for Jimmy! I love your blog, keep up the good work!