January 10, 2012

a piece of my puzzle #1

so, none of my post actually have thus far addressed my crazy health issues. some of them are kinda too personal for me to just put out there right now, but i'm working on a zine about them (a little self published pamphlet.) 
However, one issues is HUGE and common, especially among vegans.....

hypochlorhydria! This is when your stomach doesn't produce enough stomach acid (hydrochloric acid - HCL) to function and digest properly.

eeekkk! it took me years of bloating, regurgitation, constipation and billions of trials and errors before i finally realized what was going on with me. I totally gave it to myself when i was making the food choices that favored carbs, over eating and lack of protein. 

why is stomach acid so important? well for one it is a natural part of your body's highly sophisticated system. 
1.You need HCL to digest proteins, and you need protein to manufacture HCL. 
2. Your tummy must be a certain pH in order for it's sphincters to function - for the esophageal sphincter will not stay closed if the pH isn't high enough, therefore allowing acid reflux (yes most of the time acid reflux is due to too little HCL, not too much...so be careful with though ant-acids) and the pH must be low enough, or acidic enough, for the pyloric sphincter to allow food to pass into the stomach. When the pH never gets low enough, you get that heavy...i have food sitting in my tummy all day...feeling. it sucks!
3. You need HCL to absorbs certain micronutrients, like calcium, boron, zinc, copper, iron, selenium...you don't get these and you start seeing things fall part, and aging happens quicker!
4. Stomach acid keeps the stomach sterile. If you are like me, and don't have the best...or any...hygiene around washing things off, or soap...you need that stomach acid to kill the junk like bacteria on your food. That's how cave men did it, they didn't have dr. bonners or axe or w/e. If you don't have good levels of stomach acid, not only can virus's get a hold of you better and parasites take there target, but you may get an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria where it isn't supposed to be. Then your food may ferment in your stomach causing bloat and gas and misery...
5. all the above things i've listen can cause inflammation in the stomach, a precursor to stomach cancer.
6. not being able to absorb B12 gets it own number, ya it's that important!

so, if your food isn't digested properly, and eventually your stomach allows it into the small intestine for further processing, the whole process gets thrown off. Think of a dis-assembly line....if the first guy didn't un do the glue, how will the next take the pieces apart and separate them to be shipped off to their correct locations. nope. Instead you get yeast and bacteria feeding on the nutrients you are not getting, and they fart, and you fart, and you can't go to yoga now, and it all sucks. i know this,

you can test for hypochlorhydria, i didn't need to though once i realized the food i was constantly burping up wasn't taking like acid vomit at all. 

there are a bunch of symptoms you can look up for yourself, like what i've mentioned with gas and bloating and feeling heavy. Also having recognizable, or any food chuck in your poo is a good sin of this or that you need to chew better (a whole other VERY important part of digestion, especially for you carb eaters!) The famed Candida is a symptom also. 

so why are VEGANS at more risk? Because carbohydrate digestion happens before protein digestion, and needs a more alkaline environment. Once yur body starts carb digestion with saliva and chewing, it takes your stomach about 30 min to build up enough acid to digest protein. If you are going heavy on the rice and bread and pasta...carbs...it inhibits the acid, and if you aren't eating enough protein, or digestion and absorbing the protein you are eating, you can't manufacture Hcl anyways.

also for you vegans...who already don't get B12, if you have this problem you REALLY won't get your B12. I suggest sublingual B12 supps, the shots have crazy shit in them, and the stuff you swallow isn't really getting absorbs...it's a long step process involving many things to go right, like intrinsic factor.

I suggest seeing a doctor if you think you have this issue

anyways, i've resulted to using betaine HCl during meals, and apple cider vinegar shots. My issue was so bad, i was on the achlorhydria side of not producing HCL at all! and lemme tell you...NO MORE BABY BELLY. i feel so much better. i can move after meals, i can eat a meal later that day and feel like there is an empty tummy for it, i don't feel heavy or gassy or anything. it's life changing. I figured it took at least 2 years to get to that point, and may take a few to recovery, but i have faith one day, once i get enough zinc and protein back in me, i will do just fine on my own.

The HCL thing: talk to your doctor. I could tell you how to dose, but then it'd be my fault if something went wrong. look it up on google like i did or see a doctor. The one thing that isn't always told about HCL pills....if you are taking digestive enzymes the HCL will cancel their effect, so wait 15-30 mins before taking them. ALSO if you are eating carbs, the 1st 30 min or so of digestion is for carbs, remember they like it alkaline. So take your HCL 30 min later. I don't do this shit tho, i don't really eat carbs. I take one pill before the meal and i wont tell you how many after...

what else i've done: I no longer eat raw vegetables (and currently not eating fruit because of my sugar freedom) besides avocados and little bits of pre-digested fermented foods. every now and then ill eat some baby greens, but i chew VERY well. I always use sea salt at every meal, sometimes other types of high mineral salt also. I eat animal products mainly raw or marinated which helps predigest them. over cooking makes the protein harder to break down. I always have lots of good fats, it helps to stimulate bile release from the gallbladder. chew chew chew!

bitter herbs can also help stimulate the digestive process. Tinctures of Gentian, dandelion, centaury, angelica root,  burdock, bitter orange, ginger, yarrow....just to name a few. you can cop out and get Swedish bitters, but i dunno i think there is sugar in there? Also, coffee is great...especially fair trade water processed decaf coffee, also helps with insulin sensitivity. sometimes i take shots of apple cider vinegar. 

here are a list of related issues, caused from low stomach acid...
(according to Michael Murray, N.D.)

Addison's Disease, asthma, celiac disease, chronic autoimmune disorders, dermatitis. diabetes mellitus, eczema, food allergies, gallbladder disease, gastric cancer, grave's disease, hepatitis, lupus erthematosus, osteoporosis, pernicious anemia, psoriasis, rosacea, thyrotoxicosis, urticaria, vitiligo...

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