January 26, 2012

Salmon overload

So last week there was a huge sale on nice, alaskan, sustainably caught salmon at le grocery store. I got 40 dollars worth for 20...holllla. but, then i had a shit ton of salmon.... everywhere, and i didn't want it to go bad. I could have laid it on a wax papered plate, sprinkled it with water, froze it, and re-sprinkled it, and froze it more....that method keeps fish good for a long time in the freezer. unfortunately, my freezer is already full, and my roomies would kill me if i shoved more in there next to the liver and bird feet.

this gave me the chance to do something i've been thinking of for months....preserving fish! I choose three methods...pickling, salting, and dehydrating....here are my delicious results!

Jerkified! I marinated the fish in two different sauces, a Malaysian curry (8 hr soak, no rinse) and a smoked salt and stevia sweetness (2 hour soak, rinsed to remove some salt). dehydrated at 150 for around 6 hrs, but i watched it, and pulled some sooner than others.
TIP: freeze the salmon first, which makes it easier to cut into 1/2 inch strips.
This method will keep the salmon good the longest.
Also, i love my cat so much that i cut the skin up into yummy kitty treats, which she is going crazy over.

outcome: my 2nd favorite way to preserve salmon (and only because i don't really like dehydrating food) but it is sooooo yummy. the texture is great! i'll do this again.

Pickled Salmon (aka fermented!) MY FAV!!!! THIS method won!
Some recipes call for curing the salmon first in salt, however i felt like my last method already did that, so i went straight for the brine solution. I don't have a recipe for you, i read a few then combined them in my head and came out with a solution of 2ishTbl salt, 1ish squeezed lemon, and some spices...toasted peppercorn, fennel, caraway...

i cut the fish into bite size pieces, let them sit out 36 hrs on the counter (60F) and then moved them to the fridge, i think it'll only last a week because it's so great.

Tip:  layer the fish with whole lemon slices! preserved lemon and salmon, how can you go wrong?

Last method; Salt Curing. No me gusta!!! way too salty! honestly, i ended up rinsing it all, re-marinated it in coconut vinegar and spices, and then tossing it into a jar with brine.

here's a link to the Lost Arts Kitchen website where i used the recipe...kinda.
I mean, it was ok....if you like salty fish. I used celery instead of fennel because it's what i had.

THE BEST PART!!! the salmon is still raw. The acid in the lemon juice preserves ceviches it some, but the delicate omega oils are not all ruined! plus it feels great in my body...try it out

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