January 6, 2012


In all my years of veganism, the one thing i missed dearly was sea-food. there is something so amazing about a fresh raw oyster. Its sad to think of the destruction of the sea, how contaminated it may be, or how over harvested the sea population may be. I buy seafood when i can now, but i seek out items based on causing the least harm to the environment and least harm to my body.

besides eating local trout, especially the ones friends give me, or the little things in our river i sometimes can get. I'd like to set up an aquaponics system one day with tilapia.
Alaska has very strict laws that won't allow over fishing, this leaves enough fish to carry on the population, avoiding the early 90's fish scare and the almost cod extinction. I also love the sardine from Vital Choice. They are a great place to buy from. For one they use sustainable methods. Also they have PBA free cans, and only heat once (other canned fish get heated twice, usually shipped to asia and back, and taste totally different.)

so why sardines? well besides the fact they are great for you, bones and little organs and all! besides they are high in omega 3, phosphorus and many other nutrients you can look up yourself, and besides they are easy and fast...i eat them because i really feel we all need to move toward consuming only sustainable sea creatures. Mainly I'm getting at that i won't eat farm raised fish.

farm raised fish is not solving the over fishing problem for many reasons. For one, they are fishing the small fish from the oceans (anchovies, herring...arn't all small fish called sardines?) and feeding them to the farmed fish at a 5:1 input output. why not just eat the small fish! This is taking away fish from poorer countries so that the rich west can have their salmon. Also, farmed fish is higher in omega 6 than wild fish, and doesn't taste as yummy.  some of the fish used have been bred and hybridized in ways that make them produce sterile offspring, so if one fish slips out into the ocean, and breds with wild fish the babies won't be able to carry on the population.

i personally feel people should be informed on what they consume. The book (or movie documentary) End Of The Line, is a good starting point.

ok, so eat sardines with avocado and mustard and be happy!